Thursday, April 27, 2017


These past few weeks have been different to say the least but they have been refreshing in so many ways. After the first couple of weeks of being unemployed, I was ready to get back to being focused on something. And Mondays seemed to be harder than the other days. Not sure why other than I was beginning another week of saying, "Okay God, what's next?"

I attended a couple of men's Bible studies and the encouragement and accountability was most helpful. I asked a couple of guys, who are friends and righteous people, to pray a couple of things specifically for me. I am grateful that I asked them and am even more grateful that they have been faithful to pray for me. I do not want my attitude to become one of bitterness or entitlement and I know that their prayer on my behalf has been honored.

I have talked to many people about potential ministry roles and am grateful for their interest in me. It looks as though God may have revealed our next ministry/job role and I hope to be able to let everyone know that within the next week or so. We are very excited about the opportunity and the people we would be serving alongside. Please continue to pray.

During this "down time" I have been busy around the house. I regularly do laundry and vacuum so that was not an added "opportunity of service around the house", but we have also been wanting to paint, re-tile the bathrooms and put hardwood down in the dining room and kitchen. Those of you that know me well know that I am better at demolition than at repairs so we hired the tile work out to Bo Hagar and they did an AMAZING job. Wilson's dad, Kevin, has been putting the hardwood floor down while I have been "killing him" (his words for me laying the boards too closely to the next row. I keep reminding him that it gives him something legit to gripe about.) Mark and Shelbi came up from Rome this past weekend and Mark was a huge help in the hardwood as well. That boy is strong as an ox and did a great job on the floor as well. Shelbi and Mark both stripped some wallpaper in two of our bathrooms and that was such a HUGE help. I have some more painting to do (pretty much waiting on Sondra to choose the colors she wants) and I am one who actually enjoys painting. We are grateful that the Lord has provided for us to do some needed repairs and updates to the house. We are also soon to put new carpet down. I think the 25 years we got out of the original carpet in the house has served us well.

Sondra has been helping around the house too. As you can imagine, there has been much dust, dirt and grime created and discovered so she and Shelbi did some yeoman's work this past weekend deep cleaning some areas of the house.

Morgan and Wilson are doing well. Wilson is doing a great job in the fast-track nursing program. I cannot imagine doing all that he is doing in such a short time and in doing it so well. He is such a smart guy and incredibly disciplined.

I passed a stress test yesterday after experiencing some odd feelings for me and am proud to announce that my heart and vascular system are strong and healthy. I am blessed with very good health and a couple of recent feelings did not seem right to me but all is well and for that we are thankful.

I have a Half Ironman scheduled in a couple of weeks in FL and am looking to get away with Sondra for a few days. While we are away, we will celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary, do the race and celebrate Mother's Day as well.


Ed Ollie Jr said...

Thanks for the update Paul! I'm excited about this next chapter and know that your public influence is a result of your private faithfulness. Praying for you now.

Michael Cooper said...

Praying for you and Sandra. I am sure that the Father has something amazing in store for you both.

Matt Tullos said...

I'm so glad to hear the news! Been praying for you and the family! With your leadership chops I know God has an amazing adventure ahead for the Turners.

Hope you crush the half-iron man and Happy Anniversary!

Godspeed, my friend!