Saturday, January 21, 2017

E:60 - A Stranger's Gift

I have the privilege of knowing Jimmy Bradford, who is a friend of mine from the Downtown YMCA. I have known Jimmy Bradford for about 15 years and was reminded again this morning of what it looks like when people genuinely care for one another. This story is about 17 minutes long but actually the story is much longer than that. I will tell you that you will want a Kleenex close by as well. It will be time well spent and is a great example of people loving and caring for one another.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (maybe a little late)

Here it is January 13th (Friday the 13th for all of you superstitious folk) and I am finally getting around to another blog entry. It was a great holiday break and I really have no excuse for not blogging, I just didn't. Sometimes I feel like writing and at other times, I don't. It was a season of good times but no writing.

This past year, for those of you who have kept up, has been a good year for the Turners. We enjoyed a family trip to New Zealand with our kids in March (we shared a bunch of pics of that trip). Shelbi and Mark are still in Rome, GA and are doing great. Shelbi took on a new assignment at work as a trainer for new nurses; continuing education for nurses; and got her Masters. Mark still runs WinShape ;-), well at least the operations part of the boys' camp.

Morgan and Wil made a move to Jackson, TN where Wil is pursuing a nursing degree via fast track and Morgan is an enrollment counselor for Union University. They are doing great and we are blessed to be the parents of all these kids. To say we are blessed is really an understatement.

Sondra is working at our church in the financial area as of August. She enjoyed her 5 years at McGavock High School but got the opportunity to do much the same kind of work a little closer to home and in less stress environment. I started year 25 at LifeWay and continue to work with churches providing opportunities for students to share the gospel through construction and church planting. Pretty rewarding work and thankful for the opportunity to serve.

I am including the front and back cover of our Christmas card that we actually sent out after Christmas so it seems fitting that this post come post-New Year as well.

Much love to each of you. We are grateful for each of your investment in our lives.