Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Two Months Sabbatical

Actually the title is just a clever attempt to say, "I have been remiss/lazy in posting a blog post." I have good intentions, honestly, I do but then, well, I just don't blog.

Our family is doing well. We have had the opportunity to spend time with both sets of kids and that is always delightful. Morgan and Wil have moved back to Jackson, TN (2 hours west of us) for Wil to be in the accelerated nursing program at Union. Morgan took a job as an enrollment counselor for Union and she is enjoying that work. She has traveled to Texas and Colorado the past couple of weeks working college fairs and Wil has been fortunate enough to be with her part of the time in both locations. Wil is also working part-time at Starbucks so we have been the recipients of some good coffee.

Shelbi and Mark are doing well. Mark is training for Ironman NC that races in about 3 weeks and has come down with some kind of lung funk but hopes to be on the mend soon. Shelbi is in DC this week as part of her work and part of her certification process too. We spent some time with them this past weekend in Knoxville. Thanks to the generosity of some good Florida Gators fans we were able to go to the UT/UF game. Great seats in the Gators section and UT pulled off a come from behind victory that we enjoyed with almost 103,000 other fans in Neyland Stadium. It was pretty crazy that second half. We were also able to spend time and the night (actually a couple) with our good friends, Ronald and Tami Kooch. Ronald is a huge UT fan and needless to say he was nervous and pretty excited as well. We did sneak in a little ESPN College Game Day too.

Here is a shot also of all four of us at the game. Notice the band in the background. Sondra said that she was playing trumpet that day. It was kind of loud to say the least, but big fun. Thanks to Clark and Patti for the tickets. I think they saw that they were that close to the band and decided to "bless" us with those seats. ;-) We had a great time. Sondra and I commented many times how grateful we are to have the kids that we do and the friends that we do. This is a pretty sweet season in life right now. We wish that both sets of kids lived a little closer but we are committed to making sure that we get together as often as we can.

Sondra's mom enjoyed some good time with Bronwyn and her family about a month ago. They were kind enough to run her through Bolivar and allow her to catch up with some of her friends in MO. Joyce is experiencing some good health (a few aches and pains but she had another birthday on Sept. 9) and seems to enjoy living in TN. We are glad to have her close. She is learning the iPad so do not be surprised if you get a random Skype video call or an email once in awhile.

My dad is doing okay. He has some lung issues that are a pain and he is slowing down some. I was able to fly up about a month ago, spend a couple of days and see a Royals game with him and my brother. It was a good time. I did lose my Uncle John a couple of weeks ago. As you think of it, pray for my cousins, Mike and Barb and their families and my Aunt Corrine and dad.

For our NZ family and friends, we are headed into fall so the temps are finally cooling. This will be our second fall this year since we were able to experience some fall with you in beautiful NZ back in March.

Sondra started a new job about 5 weeks ago. She had been at the high school almost 5 years and enjoyed most of it but an opportunity came available at our church in the financial area. She agreed to take that job at the church and seems to be really enjoying it. She is a very smart girl, loves process and procedure and this job is suited for her.

My work is going well with some new projects being started in Colorado that I am excited about coordinating. I have some friends in CO that I will be hitting up soon (that's you Tim and Kevin if you are reading). I have had the opportunity to preach quite a bit the past two months but that seems to be coming to a close. I always enjoy and am honored when someone trusts me to share God's Word.

I am not training for any races currently but have decided that I will do a 70.3 next year as well as a
full Triathlon in 2017. Right now it looks like Florida 70.3 in April and then Ironman Louisville in October. I have enjoyed the down time but am looking forward to a training schedule again. Here is a pic from August when Sondra and I were at the Cedars of Lebanon Sprint Tri. She really is the most beautiful girl in the world.

As per usual, I am committing to blogging more. Only time will tell if I hold up to my end of the bargain.